Our traditional sari has always seen many makeovers with time. From the simple pleated ones to subtle pleats it has been a treat for every woman to flaunt this attire. Something that makes her believes that she is the talk of the town after every party. So as we know there are many ways in which the modern sari can be adorned; World of wedding brings you few of the most stylish ways to wear this garment.

Subtle on style

Sari being a traditional attire is best adorned the way where its palla is flaunted along with well-defined pleats. This makes the garment look all that flamboyant with stylish embellishments. But traditional doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Just choose from a choli that is backless to something that has a delicate knot at the end. Yes a sexy choli is all you need to make a difference. There are many options in this regard. If you want to flaunt your waistline go for a short one otherwise play it safe with a normal sized blouse. And to make everyone go drooling over your look choose from a pre pleated to a heavy lehenga sari as per the occasion.

Be the Trendy Diva

Another way of adorning the saree is with a pant or a palazzo. Who would have thought with time Indian sari will evolve in such a way. With the popularity of this garment such an amalgamation came as a welcome change for everyone.  So just use these western elements as your petticoat and see the traditional dress transform into something that is both classy and chic.  If you are someone who wears sari on a regular basis a pant underneath guarantees a comfortable day. It will let you enjoy your day to the fullest rather than just adjusting the pleats at every visit to the washroom.

Verdict: Our verdict for the complete look will be to pair your sari with stylish accessories. A clutch bag which defines your personality is a must have as you walk into a party or a get together. Along with this make sure you go for minimal jewellery that goes well with the flamboyant attire. So just rock the party as you stand tall in those tall stilettoes.

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