Gone are the days when weddings meant just red and gold. A modern Indian wedding is everything more than those bygone colours. And there's no reason a modern couple should be stuck with those classic colours for their fun filled event. Yes this is the time to have the right colours at your wedding. May it be the champagne colours or the coral shades, each element enhances the theme of your wedding. Let’s talk about this further.

Season based colours

A right colour for the season can turn out the event to be as perfect as you would have wanted it to be. It is something that creates the aura of a fairy tale wedding. As we know the main seasons around the world are spring summer and fall winter, appropriate colours should be used for different seasons. Summers must see more of pastels and soft roses and blushes while winters which tend to be cold need to be celebrated with champagnes, tans maroons and mocha. The idea behind using cool and warm colours in different seasons is to create the correct atmosphere. Something to be noted here it to keep a tab on not overdoing with only one family of colours; you can always have a pink, maroon and lavender flower decoration but don't forget to balance it with ivory so that the venue doesn't look too dark. Similarly don’t forget to balance the colour at your summer wedding.

Venue based decor

While talking of the venue there are generally two types of wedding venues, one is the indoor venue and the other the outdoor venue. An indoor venue can be filled with a lot of colours with the help of lights.  While for the outdoor venue you need to use colourful props to make it vibrant. If you are using blues everywhere you need to give it an extra touch with a little bit of a white. Just add a dash of white pearls on the table settings with a hint of rustic table wares.  A day outdoor wedding would often require an electrifying look which can be created by colours like yellow, rustics and golds. While a night wedding can be a soothing event with pastel blues, pastel greens with a touch of grey. 

Classic romantic wedding 

Nothing beats the theme of a classic romantic wedding. May it be the romantic peaches, crimsons or may it be a sea green soothing aura that might be created with sea greens and greys along with a dash of turquoise. Whatever it is a classic romantic wedding colour is something every couple would love to have. Such romantic weddings require its colours from the real love elements of the world. May be the blue of the sky or the greens of the sea or silvers of the stars. All these are the real colours of love which will make any couple feel loved. You may be someone who had always been fascinated by the tans of the beaches or someone who loves those lovely flowers of the valley. Just pick your favourite colour and decide your décor.

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