So you are married and are all dazzling with the charm of your new life. Now you must be planning for your dream honeymoon. But how do you select the perfect destination that will be game for both you and your partner. It may help you make this decision.

Preferred Geographical Features:  Before selecting that perfect destination you need to ask yourself and your partner about your personal preferences. Are you the ones who will love to walk with your partner hand in hand in a beautiful mountain valley? Or would you like to enjoy the period dancing on a beach? May be you two just want to have a taste of a lavish life with expensive champagnes and floral scents right in the comfort of your hotel room. Whatever be your preference we suggest don’t suppress it. Go ahead and decide on what is mutually exciting for both of you.

Time: With changing lifestyles, time is the most important aspect regarding any kind of planning. May be you are all set for your honeymoon but your partner has to catch up on an official project just after ten days of the wedding. In case theirs a time constrain you can choose a place that is near to your home town so as to reduce your travel time.

Budget: Of all the things, budget is something that needs to be considered before anything else. Talk to your partner and decide upon an appropriate budget. A high budget can guarantee you a honeymoon is the cruises but you don’t need to be disappointed there are many honeymoon destinations in India and abroad where you can still have a gala time. Consider places where the rupee currency can be exchanged for a greater amount in that place. Some such countries are Costa Rica, Indonesia, Nepal etc.

Apart from all these obvious planning you need to consider other small things before setting out for a destination. In case you are planning for a honeymoon abroad you need to get all the formalities done beforehand. No one wants to be stuck in the documentation formalities and wait for some months to go to the honeymoon. Apart from this you should also research about the season in that country during your honeymoon period so that you don’t spend your days shopping for the seasonal clothes.

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