We understand your days fly by chasing the targets at the office and your evening are meant for your BFFs. And in the middle of this hectic schedule your weekends are kept for a visit to the in laws. Yes we know life is really busy and we suggest don’t make any makeup commitments you will be too busy to fulfil. World of wedding brings you some makeup concepts you need to ditch if you are short on regular touchups.

Lip liners: Lip liners have been selling like hot cakes ever since they came to India. They are the best product any woman would require to achieve that perfect pout. But if you are someone whose lipstick disappears by lunch, just stop using this product immediately. We are sure you don’t want to look like the person who forgot to fill into that liner in the morning.

Nail polish: Nail polishes are something that give a signature style to your hands with all the pinks and beiges that go best with your skin tone.  Always bet on this good old trick to make your hands look neat. However if you have chapped nail paint or just one or two strokes of the polish here and there, throw the product out of your bag. Trust us chapped nail polish will only make your personality look as fragile as itself. 

Kohl: Kohl best expresses the Indian beauty. But are you someone who doesn’t go to the washroom for a touchup and your kohl looks a bit distorted to your friends.  Chances are it may make you look like an old soul. As we all know tired eyes are never attractive, just invest in a pencil kajal or waterproof kajal instead.

Innovation with the colour palette:  Yes it’s always good to explore new looks, but just in case you are experimenting with colours just before stepping out for a special event we propose to wait. Just keep your experimenting for some other day or it may turn up to be the biggest blunder of your life. 

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