Weddings are all about magic; yes it starts with the chemistry between two individuals and carries on with them throughout their lives.  So won’t it be fascinating to recreate that charm with attractive lights on the day the couple decides to takes their vows. World of wedding brings to you a crash course in creating magic through enchanting lights.

The dazzling effects

When it comes to creating magic we suggest don’t go all flashy, a beautiful wedding space is all about creating a balance and not just adding bling. So start creating this magic with focusing on the key areas. The best way will be to wash out a particular area with soothing colours. You can add more flamboyance with intelligent LEDs known as intelligent lights which change colours to create a more fascinating aura. The key is to use soft colours like pink and purple. And if you want to focus on a smaller areas use white spin spot lights.  This can help in soothing out a balance between different colours along with a sure shot focus on props that you would like to flaunt.  

The Elegance 

After zeroing down the above mentioned substantial lights don’t forget to select some delicate but stylish lights to create an atmosphere of elegance.  Start by giving your wedding a classy look with the use of good old chandeliers. These chandeliers have always proved to look all pretty hanging at the ceiling with poise. Now enhance this elegance in the air with candle lights decorated with white pearls on your centre tables. These lights can be made attractive with the use of appealing candle stands. And that’s not all for a more dramatic look hang some colourful lanterns at appropriate spaces.  

We suggest go soft on colours as overdoing with bright colours like green or yellow can make your guests look like zombies. 

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