The charm of a sari is something that can’t be resisted by women of any age. With all its charisma this garment is all that one needs to look like the real Indian woman. But even if the garment has so much to offer walking in those six yards seems to be a task in itself. This is something that lets many youngsters opt out of wearing it. So let’s try to shed some extra weight off your favorite attire. 

Go Soft on Fabric

We suggest go soft on the fabric. A light fabric like chiffon, georgette or matka silk is all you need to feel comfortable till the end of the day. Choose a fabric that gives you a breathable space and does not stick to the skin. This will ease off a lot of discomfort if you live in a place where there’s humidity in the air. Trust us a sari in a comfortable fabric is one of the best things of the world. And if you want to adorn a chic look along with the element of comfort nets are always a safe bet.

Cut on the bulge

Cutting on the bulge at your abdomen is a good way to feel light in a sari. And the best way to do this is to choose a fabric like satin for your petticoat. This will make your drapes easy and the pleats smooth. Another way to avoid bulging at the stomach is to have less number of pleats. With longer pleats tucked in neatly you can be assured of a graceful outcome. 

Ditch the embroidery

If you are someone who wants to go all light just ditch the embroidery completely but if you would like to showoff that intricate hand work we suggest just have one or two layers of it at the border. Remember any type of stone work will make your sari heavy so instead of stones you can go for other light embellishments. And the best thing that can be done to make it look sleek is to have narrow borders.

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