Just like everything else your beauty and makeup trends also evolve with time. And keeping a note of what’s hot in the scenario is every woman’s right. World of Wedding brings you a crash course in what’s new and how to benefit from it.

Different shades to Black

A black kajal has always been a woman’s best friend but it’s time to add more colours to your eyes. Accentuate your eyes with blues, greens and whites or use them just to add a dab of colour. Go ahead by using your white kajal as a highlighter; apply it across your brow lines or the Cupid’s bow to give these areas a fuller effect. Apart from this you can make your nose look slimmer by applying it on the nose bridge and blending it with a good smudge. Making your eyes attractive by using it on the inner corners along with coating it as a base for the eye shadow is a trick that will always work for you.

It’s time to know your Alphabets Right

Applying just a moisturizer is a thing of the past what’s in are the new generation tinted hydrators to enhance the texture of your skin. So let’s talk alphabets now. The first on the list is the BB cream which is well defined as a blemish balm. It is a tinted moisturizer along with the goodness of SPF. If you are looking for something that smoothens your face and covers up the blemishes it’s the right thing for you. 

Next is the CC cream. So where BB is the basic essential CC is a contemporary version of the blemish balm. It is lighter than the BB cream and while the other works on blemish correction CC works on colour correction. To sum up it’s a moisturizer, a sunscreen, and a colour corrector. Then comes the newest of all the alphabet creams the DD or the dynamic do it all cream. Known to cover up the imperfections along with its anti-ageing properties. It won’t be wrong to say it’s a concealer along with anti-ageing properties.

Just Go Creaseless

Enough of those MLBB shades going creaseless is the new fad. May be this was invented for the women who hates regular touchups and wants to be sure her skin texture does not look all ruined out by the end of the day. Whatever the case may be it’s a beauty favorite of every woman today. Just apply the shade and forget the lines. So if we decoded it correctly going flawless is the mantra of the season.

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