Every girl wants a tall, dark, handsome man or a knight in shining armor. But that has got a bit clichéd, don’t you think? In today’s generation, it is more about the personality that a man carries, his character traits like the way he treats ladies, his style, his suaveness, confidence etc. While not all men are created equals, there are definitely some qualities that are must haves for every man. Below are 7 essential qualities that every man who wants to attract a woman, must have or inculcate. 

1.Honesty. Honesty is one of the most important qualities that a girl looks out for in her guy. Nobody wants to deal with a person who would lie about his whereabouts, feelings, and friends or even about his girl’s outfit for that matter! An honest man can win any heart. An honest man has integrity and guts and that makes him super attractive. 

2.Trustworthy. Every man should be a man of his word! Trust is the foundation of any loving relationship. On the verge of building a rapport with you, he will indeed do whatever it takes to live up to his word, specifically during the dating phase. But staying trustworthy after marriage is also very essential for the good health of your relationship. Being able to trust your man will make you feel secure and confident regarding him.

3.Commitment. Commitment is the most obvious quality to look for in your man. This is not restricted only towards the relationship, but also towards honesty, relationships with his friends and family, his job and his word. Whether he sticks to his promises or shows up on time to your dates can speak volumes about his attitude. Commitment is as much an attitude as it is an action or characteristic!

4.Intelligence. It is such a turn-on in the guy you are dating/in a relationship with. Pick-up lines are corny nowadays, but knowledge is more impressive. Whether he can make smart decisions or form thought-aggravating opinions or carry out intelligent conversations, all this depends upon his level intelligence. An intelligent man is much better than a dumb and good looking one. So be careful when making a choice.  

5.Open-Mindedness. It is a must have for every man. Willing to try something different and new, open to others opinions, innovative ideas, and an overall willingness to accept changes without judgment, if you ever find such a man, grab him and keep him. He should also be open to your many looks without a hint of doubt. His unorthodox thinking and ability to adapt to his immediate and changing environment is sure to lure you to him. 

6.Sense of Humor. Laughter is said to be one of life’s true and simplest pleasures. To nurture a healthy relationship with you, your man should be able to make you laugh when you feel sad or depressed or embarrassed or despaired or even when it is just another day. If a man can simply make you laugh without being a jokester all the time, he can surely keep you happy for the rest of your life together.

7.Ambitious. No girl wants their man to sit at home hogging on chips and play video games all day long. A man should have an aim in his life for a better secured future for good financial standing. It is true that money can’t buy love, but contrary to that, love can’t buy you money either. So, to have an ambition in a man’s life is very important. An ambitious and successful man is way more attractive than anyone else. 

These 7 tips are just a beginning to understand the kind of qualities you should look for in your man. But there are plenty more to look out for like sensitivity, consideration, understanding, compassion etc. Remember, your choice will only make your future secure and these tips will contribute towards strengthening it!

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