Marriage is a sacred institution, but more than sacred, it is about love, trust, bond and happiness. If your relationship is not going well, then there must be some differences in communicating your feelings to one another. If you want to have a really good relationship, you will have to work at it. To make your relationship happy and successful, here are 10 tips that you can follow:

1.Preserve your Relationships. If you are determined to make your relationship successful, then preserve it and do not get too flirtatious with the opposite sex. If you do get too flirty, then you will start taking your partner for granted and treat the others as alternatives. This will definitely weaken your resolve. 

2.Full Attention Needed. Listening to each other when he or she talks is always healthy. It shows respect and respect will pull back your relationship together like how it started. Undivided attention will make your relationship stronger when he or she knows that you are actually listening.

3.Enjoy Each Other. It is very simple, you like to be together, talk together and do things together. Doing fun things with your partner is always exciting like exercising together, taking leisure walks or sharing a pursuit that’s mutual. These activities strengthen the relationship and make it easier to endure hard times.

4.Skillful Fights. When a couple lives together, they are bound to have differences and separate opinions. Couples in a successful relationship do fight, but skillfully; in a way that would only make their relationship stronger. The best technique to do a skillful fight is to choose your words right. Using the ‘we language’ in a fight will definitely help couples ally themselves on the same team.

5.Politeness. Being courteous to your partner is always lovable. When speaking to one another, using phrases like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and so on will make you feel appreciated and respected.

6.Positive about One Another. Happy and successful relationships are characterized by respect and empathy, and they pay attention to each other’s lives. 

7.Keeping Score is a Big No-No. Take a look that it does not matter if you end up doing more work than half of what needs to be done. Keeping track with your partner is not at all healthy for any relationship.

8.Grow and Learn Together. Learn to play with each other’s strengths and interests, and grow along. This will end in a stronger emotional bond between the two.

9.Happy Greeting. Smile is not just any word. A simple smile to your partner every time you greet him or her will just make them feel loved.

10.Respect Privacy. Going through your partner’s stuffs is really disappointing. Every individual has a right to privacy and respecting it will only make your bond stronger.

Success in relationships is more than finding the right person: it is about being the right person for your partner. With these tips, nothing can go wrong in making your relationship happy and successful!

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