It’s often said that a woman doesn’t need a reason to shop for jewellery. We would say bespoke jewellery just gave you that reason. Yes a jewellery lover won’t miss a chance to own a piece of personalized jewellery.  World of Wedding tells you what’s being spoken of the bespoke.

Why you love it

Just like bespoke apparels bespoke jewellery is an exclusive hand crafted piece of intricate jewellery. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s a reflection of its owner. This jewellery can vary from some parts being hand crafted to the complete piece being carved with hands. The real bespoke jewellery is not the one where the owner just selects the colour of the stones to be applied on the final piece but discusses the detail. This means the piece is built right from the scratch as per the individual’s requirements.

Latest Trends

Off course bespoke focusses on your personal choices. This can mean different things to different people. If you are someone who has clarity of the design you want to adorn just bring it to your jeweler for a replica in precious metals.  But if you love those glittering stones and have a vague idea of the final ornament, your jeweler can help. When looking for bespoke women prefer intricate designs which come across as potential heirloom pieces. 

Even though it focuses on personal choices  it won’t be wrong to say that like all other fashion elements this too comes with latest trends and fads. The latest we say is modular jewellery. Modular jewellery means jewellery which comes with a removable part to it. This can help you make the same necklace or bracelet well suited for any occasion. Just imagine your haath phool which can be used as a cocktail ring. So whatever may be your choice if you are still dreaming about that beautiful necklace decked with rubies and emeralds go ahead and get it made.

With inputs from Mr. Sulish Verma , Designer & Managing Director of Vikas Chain & Jewellery.  

Picture courtesy: Vikas Chain and Jewellery

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