Getting married or even the thought of it, can seem daunting to several of you out there. Is there ever a right time to get married? Maybe not. Nor does God send you a message on WhatsApp suggesting a right time for you to get married. But getting married is an individual decision and if you want to marry and settle down then understand that with marriage come a string of responsibilities, arguments, and mostly, real life issues. But at the same time, also lot of happy times and lasting memories. In this list below, you will get 5 reasons on why to get married and hopefully, those of you who didn’t want to get married yet, will see merit in this.

1.Commitment. There’s no denying that asking your lover to marry you is the biggest proof of your love. Many people get scared of commitment, but there’s nothing to worry. It’s the best way to show your love and by committing with marriage makes the relationship more strong bond. Commitment in marriage brings out the better person in one’s self. Through marriage, you will learn the true meaning of sacrifice and compromise.

2.True Love. When your love is true, you know that the time is right to get married and involve in a commitment for life. If you have been in a relationship for a couple of years and still truly happy to be in love with that person, then you can never be more ready. Just knowing that you have a partner who will share all your problems throughout life, will help you have a clear picture about life.

3.Society Norms. Universally accepted, marriage is demanded in societies through ages. Just as we are meant to work, earn money, live in a house and in a well functioning society, getting married to your love is the respectful way to live. Marriage is still not an exception but rather a norm. 

4.Financial Strength. With marriage comes maturity and with maturity comes the need to strengthen your family’s financial needs. When you get married, there needs to be more financial security than while you are single as both the partners want to fulfill their aspirations and goals keeping each other in mind. No wonder there are numerous financial benefits associated with marriage. Being married also means sharing of expenses and dividing the costs of heavy purchases. Often, couples set common financial goals and mutually contribute towards achieving them. 

5.Meaning to Life. Marriage makes you more focused in life. When you get married to someone, you are not only responsible for yourself but for your partner as well. It is the creation of a new entity, together that breathes life into your couple status. Marriage can mean major responsibilities but at the same time it gives a new and more determined meaning to your existence. Marriage also makes your parents feel reassured about your future. Not to forget the bonus points of being parents and the joy that brings to your life.

Getting married improves your life by making it last a longer. Till the time you are together with the one you love, your life can never go wrong, at least that’s what the ideal thinking dictates. Of course, ups and downs are part of life. While, these reasons might be a few, but the best experience that one could ever enjoy is by getting married to a person who will love and cherish you, and exploring a whole new side of the world…hand in hand!

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