Dating a guy is easy, but what next? Whether he really likes you the same way you feel for him, can be a tricky question to answer. Needless to say, unlike girls, guys do take time to express what’s really going on in their minds. Many guys are comfortable in expressing their feelings, but it gets tough for few others. So the moot question is, what are signs that he loves you? How do you clear the cloud of confusion and let the sunshine through? Well, here are 7 sure shot signs that he loves you and if you see these, you can be confident that your guy wants you for his lifetime!

1.He will treat you well: A guy who has love in his heart for you, will be very considerate about your feelings, desires and needs. He will treat them equally important to his own needs and desires. He will care for you and will always look for ways to make you feel better even when you are not looking for it. He will not only treat you well but also be humble towards your family and friends. In short, he will treat you with respect and compassion. And he will try to be as understanding as possible. 

2. He will spend time with you: He will go out of his way to see you and meet you. Whenever he gets time, he will make it a point to spend it solely with you. Even if he has to cancel a date for some genuine reason, he will work hard and do everything it takes to make up for it with you on your next date. During long distance relationships also, he will plan his schedules to meet you for major holidays no matter what. 

3.You become his priority: No matter where you are and what the situation is, he will always keep you at the forefront of his life. He will always consider you and your opinions while making decisions and will be considerate to do things that you like. You can be assured he is not looking for a short term romance. This is definitely for the long haul and he is a willing participant here. 

4.He will protect and help you: Whenever you go out somewhere alone or with your friends, you give him a call after reaching your destination, and he likes that you called. This is when you know that he has a special spot for you in his heart and is relaxed to know that you’re safe. If you are in trouble, he will quit everything and come and sort out the mess. He will make you feel secure in ways he can. So keep an eye out!

5.He would let people know: When a guy is in love with you, he will display his affection towards you in public like holding your hand, putting his arm around you and simply hugging you.

6.He will keep you updated: Don’t think that a guy is creepy when he constantly keeps you updated about his whereabouts. Not all guys do that! So, be thankful your’s does it!

7.He respects you no matter what: When a guy is truly in love with you, he will treat you with a lot of respect. He would never have those staring eyes and neither would he cut in between your conversation. He will give you space, professionally and personally. 

Never judge a guy by his words, but rather by his actions and behavior. Even then if you are not sure, then these 7 tips will give you a way to figure out whether he really loves you or not. Of course, start with trust and friendship and then go from there. Life is too short to have regrets, if you have doubts, why not simply ask him if he loves you or not rather than watching for signs?

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