Planning a honeymoon is the best thing that can happen after the marriage. There is always so much going on already, like mingling with the guests, planning the wedding, execution of the whole celebration etc. All this and more is enough to send couples in a state of tizzy and craving for some ‘us’ time. No wonder that, after a wedding ceremony is over, honeymoon is like a stress buster! Honeymoon should always be the time to relax and simply enjoy the company of each other. 

Planning a honeymoon can be tricky. It involves planning, budgeting, and packing among other things. Knowing what to do and what not to, can help you plan your honeymoon in a way that makes it memorable and enjoyable. Below are 10 tips that should help you while planning your honeymoon.

1.Budget Well. It is very important to work out a budget before planning the location of your honeymoon. It is better to figure out how comfortably you can afford a certain destination, how much you can spend on shopping, and before you do all that run quickly through your future financial plan too. 

2.Book Early. It is advisable to finalize your location and make your ticket reservations beforehand. An advance booking will secure your choice of location and date – this task is not to be left for the last minute. Also, early bookings can make you eligible for discounts and better (read money saving) deal! 

3.Honeymoon Offers. 12 months throughout the year, travel providers offer honeymoon offers to lure you. But the key lies in choosing a reputable travel provider. So Google for companies and don’t forget to read customer testimonials. Ask questions, plenty…or as many as required to satisfy your curiosity. If a travel provider is not ready to answer your questions, chances are they are pulling a scam. So best avoid them. Specifically ask for deals, discounts, freebies etc. You never know, they may throw in a surprise for you, the newlyweds!

4.Weather Check. Check the weather of your chosen honeymoon destination beforehand to avoid nasty surprises. Not all honeymoon destinations have year-round perfect weather! Depending on the time of the year, choose your honeymoon destination wisely.  

5.Honeymoon Type. Discuss the type of honeymoon you would like to have with your to-be partner in advance. Whether you want to have a relaxing one or cultural or adventurous or romantic or a mixture of all/some of these, discussing with your partner before booking will give you a clear picture and ensure both of you enjoy the honeymoon as its meant to be.

6.Appropriate Clothing. Pack up garments suitable to the weather conditions of your honeymoon destination. If you plan to go to a place full of beaches, packing up formals is a big No-No! If you are going to a hill station or a cold place, carry sunscreen, woolens, thermals, and plenty of moisturizer!

7.The Reason. Remember that honeymoon is the time for you and your partner to celebrate your love after the hectic wedding schedule. Do not plan your honeymoon so full that you don’t get to spend time together. Devote the time exclusively to each other. The purpose of honeymoon is to learn and explore each other. So ensure a healthy mix of adventure, fun and ‘us’ time. 

8.Passport Check. If you plan your honeymoon abroad, then validating your passport as well as your partner’s is important. Apply for the required visas beforehand so that you do not face any trouble just before the time of leaving or at the airport!

9.Marriage Certificate. Carrying your marriage certificate is advisable as some hotels may request to see it in order to provide you full advantages of their honeymoon offers.

10.Togetherness. Most importantly, don’t forget to relax, enjoy and have fun! It is your honeymoon after all, to solemnize your union. Take time for a beach walk or amble around the town, stargaze and make love while you enjoy the company of each other and celebrate your togetherness.

We are sure these tips will come in handy when you plan your honeymoon. As tight as your wedding schedule may have been, you definitely do not want to repeat the same and have a chaotic honeymoon with your spouse. Planning in advance can and will help you avoid stress and panic!


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