Who doesn't love a romantic wedding? Weddings almost always spell R.O.M.A.N.C.E more than anything else. And destination weddings spell it a lot more than any other kind of weddings. That’s why destination weddings have become so popular in India and the world over. Travelling away to a land far off, or nearby, with the love of your life and your closest and dearest ones to be wed and embark on a new phase in your life, may be a bit scary, but it sure is fun and exciting! That being said, many of you may have already realized that destination weddings require a fair amount of planning and organizing. So, here we are with 7 simple and basic tips to help you plan the perfect destination wedding for yourself!

Ensure You Have Plenty Of Planning Time

Booking in advance is a must for destination weddings. So what’s the ideal start-ahead time? We suggest anywhere from 15-18 months before your wedding date. Why so early? Simply because, starting early ensures more choices, and planning late would leave you with very limited choices. Since destination weddings require more time from your guests, don’t forget to send out ‘Save the Date’ cards or messages to your guests, so that they can plan accordingly! Planning is everything, and ensuring an early start means having your family and friends with you on your big day!

The Big L…Location!

The big L depends on a whole lot of factors. From travelling abroad to time to costs, there is much that needs to be discussed and decided. For ex: not only will your guests travel abroad, but they will need time to plan the trip as well as consider costs involved, if any. Consider the fact that not all your friends will be in the same economic state, so some may find it too expensive or too far to attend your destination wedding. Will you be willing to arrange for their travel and stay on your own expense? We advise that you factor all these issues and choose a location that is not too expensive, close to the airport, and has good intra-city transport facilities. 

Hire a Pro 

If the very idea of planning a wedding makes you break into a sweat, consider that a destination wedding will not be easy. Language issues, lack of local info, vendors, etc. may all pose substantial problems. So what’s the best way out? Hire a pro…a professional wedding planner who has experience in arranging destination weddings, has local knowledge, and shall be able to get a team of reputable vendors to get your wedding going. An experienced and reputable wedding planner will be able to offer you a wide range of services like décor, styling, music etc. And best of all, having a planner will ensure that you don’t have to stress about anything, just about looking good and enjoying your wedding proceedings. 

Take Care Of Your Guests 

You won’t have much of a wedding without your guests. Please make sure your guests are well-taken care of. After all, they have travelled far to attend your wedding, and it’s imperative you make them feel appreciated and special. Hire a concierge service to make this happen. Such a service takes care of all travel arrangements for your guests. Or you may even check with your wedding planner, if they offer travel planning. The other option is to create your own wedding website and exchange all necessary info through it. Give it a thought, work out the best option and decide accordingly. As is said – “Atithi Devo Bhava” – Guests are next to God, so do whatever you can to take care of them. 

Plan For Weather

Destination weddings have an element of surprise. That’s the weather of the city. Bangkok can be hot and humid; Spain can be extremely hot, while Maldives can be balmy. Closer home, Shimla can be cool or cold depending on the time of the year, while Goa will be warm and humid most times of the year. Plan for the weather! Hot weather demands cool drinks and fresh fruits, while cold weather demands hot drinks and warm food. Also, plan for any inclement weather as it may impact your wedding in a big way!

Make Time For Yourself

Please remember that destination weddings don’t mean more ‘me’ time for you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With so many people to attend to and so many places to explore, the experience will be both, fun and exciting. It may even get overwhelming, exhausting, and possibly, emotional. So make some time for yourself. After all, you don’t want to end up looking tired and zombie-like on your Wedding Day! Ensure the night before the wedding is free for you to do what you want, perhaps like spend it alone, or with your parents, or maybe have sometime alone with your new husband. What about a spa session, or just an early night in bed? A relaxed you will be a happier and better looking you the next day!

Be Legally Safe

Finally, destination weddings aren’t always simple. Wedding laws abroad, maybe, different than in India. So check the laws and make sure you follow the written word. Have your wedding planner do the needful, or consult a marriage attorney in the country where you want to get married. Also a legally valid wedding license is important to ensure that your marriage is accepted and recognized in India and you don’t face any issues with the home country law. Being legally safe means lasting happiness and very less trouble in the future, if at all. 

As a last word, we’d like to say that having a destination wedding is a very unique experience, and one that will leave you and your loved ones with plenty of beautiful and cherished memories for a lifetime. Simply follow these 7 tips and make the most of your D Day! After all, you deserve that!


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