Every single bride wants to look her best, but when the wedding countdown begins it can be hard not to panic. The stress over the seating plan, arguments over the guest list, and nearly a break down over the budget are not the only reasons for stress. One of the prime reasons is a dire need and desire to look gorgeous too. Brides may have dark circles, prickly legs and frizzy hair, but there is a way to transform from washed out amateur wedding planner to a beautiful bride - in only a week! After all, now that you are an expert at planning your wedding, here are a few easy tips to banish the blues and come out looking your radiant best. 

Top 7 Tips To Look Good For Your Wedding

1. Banish Pre-Wedding Jitters

Take a moment to relax. 90 minutes of spa time will remedy any hyper tendencies and they are real bliss!

2. So Long to Salt

Excess sodium in your diet can suck the moisture out of your skin leaving it dry and dull looking. Until the ceremony, cut back on salty treats and indulge in a hydrating facial moisturizer.

3. Sunscreen, a Must

During an outdoor wedding, slather on the sun block cream. The last thing a bride needs is to look like a lobster.

4. Splurge on a Professional

Have a makeup artist and hair stylist take care of you for the wedding. Make sure to have a trial run in advance to avoid any mishaps.

5. Stay True to Yourself

This is not the time to try out loud make-up. You want to look like yourself, but better! Keep your makeup natural and classic.

6. Pack a Touch up Kit

Ensure to pack the necessities so you can keep looking fabulous until the end of your wedding.

7. Don't Wash Your Hair

The secret to a long-wearing Updo is not to have a hair wash the morning and spraying a little dry shampoo along the roots.

The D-Day:

1. Your make up process to transform into a bride is ritualistic. Ensure, that you invest in good quality makeup that is long lasting. If you are the type who prefers natural, uncluttered look, it is necessary to apply makeup in layers and preferably, at the hands of an expert makeup artist. The wedding day is a high strung, emotional day, and tears are natural. Insist on waterproof mascara.

2. On the morning of your wedding, we recommended using a moisturizing treatment for a radiant looking skin. This allows for better makeup effect and makes your skin glow naturally. 

3. Best way to look beautiful and relaxed on the wedding day is to rest and sleep at least 8 hours every night. 

Always choose a style in which you look and feel comfortable. Once you have made the final round of wedding dress trial, try to control your weight, either upwards or downwards because it is typical for brides to suffer anxiety which can result in pre-wedding weight gain. Always remember, facials, spa treatments, and other holistic methods will not only help you distress, but will also keep your skin in great shape!


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