From an intimate sunset wedding on the powder white sand beach of Colva to a grandiose wedding ceremony at one of royal palaces of Jaipur, destination weddings are catching up rapidly in India. Once considered a fixation of the rich, destination weddings are now well received by couples of all classes and here’s why:


Less Stress, Better Preparation

From preparations to celebrations, weddings turn out to be a whirlwind affair for most brides and grooms. Making it through without having moments of stress and anxiety is nearly impossible. It’s one of the major reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of destination weddings. Dealing with uptight wedding planners, evaluating vendors, looking around to finalize a perfect venue etc is so frantic that at some point the bride and groom just want to skip the whole thing, go straight to their honeymoon, and unwind themselves! Destination wedding is less stressful as it’s mostly planned by an on-site coordinator and travel planner and you can even get virtual tours of the wedding destination, eliminating the need to pre-visit the place to fix it. 

Reduced Expenses, More Fun

Destination weddings may seem lavish, but are much cheaper than the traditional weddings. Of course, the expenses vary depending on the type of wedding, destination, guests, and other options. Moreover, several resorts and hotels offer discounts on destination wedding packages. Most couples ease off the financial burden by choosing just one place for the wedding as well as the honeymoon. 

Guests Enjoys, As Do You

Since a majority of family members and friends maybe spread out, they would need to travel in order to attend the wedding. They might as well arrive at the destination itself, once you make the arrangement. So make the most of hotels and airlines offering discount on group bookings as well as other facilities. In addition, your guests can enjoy themselves with sightseeing, exploring the surroundings, and kind of having a mini vacation with all the near and dear ones.  

Family Holiday, A Wedding

The traditional ‘at-home’ wedding doesn't give the couples much time to meet and greet their friends and family. On the other hand, a destination wedding requires them to reach the place 2-3 days prior to the Big Day. This is the time when they can put their legs up and spend some quality time with close and dear ones, make merry, and have a memorable time as well as a wedding! 

An Intimate Affair

When a couple gets married in their own town, they are somewhat obliged to invite people they are not so close to because of social responsibilities. Overtime, weddings have transitioned from formal traditional ceremonies to more casual and intimate affairs. Having a destination wedding means the couples can invite only family and close friends and have an intimate wedding ceremony. 

A Unique Experience

Whether opt for a laid-back beach wedding under the swaying palm canopies, a winter wedding on a blanket of snow amidst the snow-capped peaks or a quiet wedding in the lap of nature outside a charming wooden lodge tucked away in the middle of a forest – the destination you choose, is entirely your decision. Whatever you want, however you want it. But, destination weddings offer a unique experience, that is for sure. 

Like in every other aspect of life, people are constantly trying to break free from the conventional norms of weddings. Destination weddings offer them not only an exclusive, unique, and once-in-a-lifetime experience, but also a fanciful, hassle-free, and fun-filled experience that perhaps, even a traditional wedding ceremony can match!


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