It's the time of your life when your hands will be your best embellishments. Your ring ceremony! All eyes will be there on those pretty hands when he will present you that glittering ring. The style statement will be just the way you will put forward your hand to wear the beautiful ring. And the moments of glory will be as he slips the ring in your ring finger.  Imagine your hands looking all ready to grab that precious rock as if they are made picture perfect for each other.

Just imagine a beige nail colour which talks about your sophisticated personality along with the glitter of those pearls resting at the edge of your nails. It’s time for all the focus on your nails with a lot happening on your engagement. Give your hands an oozing effect of class and charisma which will make you take pride in the way you glide in that ring on your engagement. Here it won’t be wrong to say that at this moment your style statement is right there in your own hands.  Your hands should look neat and at the same time not overdone. World of wedding tells you how to have a statement of your own. 

Do It Yourself

The first step in taking care of your hands and nails is what you can do at your home itself. The trick is to start with a good moisturizer. Start taking care of your hands at least two months before the engagement and don’t forget the basic essentials.  This includes moisturizing hands regularly, stop biting your nails and don’t cut your cuticles. 

The moisturizer should be used not just in the morning or at bed time but every time you expose your hands to water. If you are someone who has dry hands irrespective of the season don’t hesitate to invest in a good cold cream even in summers. A good bed time regime will be to rub almond oil on your hands and sleep with gloves on. This will lead you to soft supple hands after you wake up from your share of beauty sleep. Olive oil also is a very good nail strengthener. It can be rubbed to your nails directly at least three to four times a day to see good results. And yes last but not the least DIY procedure files your nails regularly and maintain personal hygiene.

Salon visits

Another thing that needs to be done right before your big day is regular visits to the salon. We suggest have regular manicure sessions even if you are not planning your engagement.  And like your DIY rituals start having a salon visit two months ahead of your wedding on an interval of 10 to 15 days depending upon the requirement. Regular manicure and pedicure will keep your hands neat with soft cuticles. You can choose from a variety of procedures; from a regular manicures to the extensive one. If you have cracked or rough hands include paraffin wax in your manicure. Paraffin is proven to fill in skin cracks and thus making the skin texture even and soft. And if you are getting pre wedding goose bumps and care for some relaxation go for a spa manicure. This will help you release your stress and give you positive energy with the hot stone treatment. The best way is to have a combination of all the best manicures right before the engagement.

Nail extension

So after all things said and done, let’s come to the most important aspect. Your nail extension. This procedure can guarantee you the nails of your choice, weather you are in love with those finely rounded nails or those square shaped ones or may be something in the middle.  Here you can’t go wrong with a professional extension. So how does it work? You just have to select from the two forms of nail extension from acrylic extension to the gel ones. Acrylic as the name suggests is something that is more hard and long lasting as compared to the gel nails. Both have their own pros and cons. Acrylic nails may be easy to manage but may harm your original nail bed. On the other hands gel nails are delicate enough to cause any harm. The plus point in choosing a gel nail over the acrylic one is that it looks more natural and delicate. So if you are someone who would like an easy maintenance and longevity of their artificial nails go for acrylic nails. The most important thing will be to plan your parlour visit accordingly. Always take a timely appointment to avoid a fix in case there is a rush of hundreds of engagements on your special day.

Nail art 

The next step after the nail extension is nail art. Which ranges from subtle shades to stylish designs which talk about the importance of the event that follow. Add bling to your nails with stones and pearls along with colours you always thought are an extension of your personality. Having a silver jewel pinned in your little figure will make your hands look all that flamboyant.  If you want to keep it sweet and simple a French manicure is the safest bet for you. Along with this there is no dearth for designs that range from studs to metallic finishes. Add on some glitter as you won’t get a better chance to add on that bling to your attire.  

Body Art

Along with the above mentioned procedures the latest in tinsel town is the art of inking one’s ring finger. The best way will be to have a tattoo of your fiancée’s initials. You can also decide from a variety of designs ranging from engagement rings to motifs of flowers or birds. Just select something that you are sure will leave your fiancée blush with happiness. But before getting a tattoo done be sure you are ready to go through the needle, as it’s a fact that it will hurt. Another thing that can come along with a tattoo is a bit of swelling so get your tattoo done good days before your engagement. You may also need to have an antibiotic or any other tablet that may be suggested by your doctor. But remember not to have a manicure when your tattoo is still fresh. Also you may be required to cover the tattoo for a few days.


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