So, you have decided on the date of the most memorable day of your life, your marriage date, and can’t wait to tell everyone. The best possible way, since everybody is online, is to update it on your social networking page. Quick and easy - you don’t have to make hundreds of phone calls to your loved ones and this is also good enough to make your exes jealous. However, one of the simplest and easiest ways, you can engage your family and friends and co-ordinate with them regarding your big day is, with a wedding website. Here are the reasons, a personal wedding website is absolutely necessary: 

1) Save - Not just money, but time, efforts and environment also

Sending out invites is the biggest hassle. You have to run around store to store looking for those marvelous invitation cards that truly represent you as a couple. After much running around, you find the perfect card. But the total cost of printing hundreds of them makes you think over it. After some rationalizing, you decide to go with another less expensive invitation because after all, you have to keep tabs of other expenses also. 

With a wedding website, you can save all the painstaking efforts, printing costs and the cost of stamp, especially when you are mailing them to far flung areas. Needless to mention, the amount of paper used for invites and envelopes – saves several trees, hence the environment!


2) Get e-RSVPs and plan accordingly

So you send out 700 invites and get only 500 RSVPs. This further annoys you when it is unclear whether the person is attending alone and which ceremonies. Then, there is sorting them out, recording the total number of guests and eventually updating it. That’s a lot of effort. Make the hectic planning phase a lot easier by uploading an online RSVP form for your guests to fill out and submit. Also, ask them to sign up with their e-mail addresses so that they can be notified, in case of updates and last-minute changes in plans. 

Receiving RSVPs online means you have to go through fewer troubles to sort and record them. Additionally, you save on the paper again. With the approximate number of guests at hand, you can make the required arrangements and update them on time by providing the correct information to the wedding planner, caterer and hotel manager, among others.

3) Make communication simple

Aunts, Uncles, cousins, college friends, some school friends, workplace colleagues, those nice neighbors and relatives you have met only a few times in your life. Sending invites to all of them, confirming RSVPs from all of them and providing them information about processions and places individually. That’s a lot of work. Plus, most of the coming from out-of-town guests will be calling your family to get directions to the venue. Last thing your family wants on your big day is to answer the constantly ringing phone. 

Fill in the details of your wedding on the website - include all the information regarding different ceremonies including engagement party, hen and stag nights, sangeet, mehendi, wedding, reception and others on the website. Make a different page for each event and let your guests know when and where to arrive. You don’t have to repeatedly provide every tiny detail to each guest. If you are planning a destination wedding, update your website with destination info also including travel information, fun things to do, weather details, etc. 

Every information that is too much to include in a paper invitation can be provided in the website. Create a FAQs page and include all the common questions your guests may have like weather queries, what to pack, venue details, and what to wear and so on. Updating the site takes only a few minutes and if there is any change of plan, you can conveniently inform everyone on time. 

4) Proclaim Your Love 

Possibility is that most of your guests don’t know your significant other and will be meeting him/her for the first time at the wedding. Introduce him/her earlier on the website, share your love story and give your family and friends a chance to get know your beloved. You can tell stories of how you met, your first date and how you fell in love. Share images of both of you together, and give everyone a sneak peek into your life together. Be as creative as you want. After all, this website is about the most amazing day of your life. 

It’s the right platform to share. So, make your website more interactive. Overwhelmed parents, super-excited cousins, and happiness wishing relatives, party-crazed friends and colleagues; You know how much all of them love you and would do anything to say kind words about you at your special day. Ask them to share their feelings on the website. If you have common friends who know both of you as a couple, let them share stories about you.  

5) Its the ultimate wedding scrapbook

In this digital age, there’s no better way to cherish the memories than on a website. You don’t have to stack your photos and videos or wedding invitation cards in a big box and take them out anytime you want to look at them. On the website, however, you can even keepsake good wishes from your guests. 

Although, a professional photographer captures all the precious moments, you don’t get to see the photographs until a few days after the wedding. You would be dying to see all the pictures, so you can ask your guests to upload photos taken from their digicams and mobile phones on the site. Imagine the number of images you would have to look at whenever you want to. 

In the end, your wedding website is the best way to be a part of this day for those who can’t make it to the actual wedding. So, choose a template today, start uploading and have some fun with it. 


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