Wedding photographs are treasured keepsakes and nothing compares to looking at those photographs and reliving your Big Day repeatedly. Whether you pose with your brightest smile or caught off-guard by the photographer in a candid picture, the snapshots always leave you with a smile on your face! A good photographer will capture the most important day of your life without interrupting the special moments during the event. 

Find a pro

With a camera-phone in hand, every other person is a photographer these days. Moreover, if you ask around, you will find umpteen such photographers in your family who will voluntarily capture your precious moments. Rather than just the ‘point and shoot’ stills, wedding photographs are timeless memories captured with utmost diligence and finesse. A good photographer can make your budget wedding dress look awe-inspiring or a bad one can make the stunning Sabyasachi wedding apparel look tacky in the photos! So choose your wedding photographer wisely.

Consider your preferences

First, establish what kind of pictures you would like to have taken at your wedding. Most couples go for the traditional approach wherein they pose with each other or friends and family. Some, on the flip side, like candid photography in which the couple and guests don’t realize that they are being shot. Another trend, that is rapidly catching on, is of reportage photography in which random images get clicked throughout the event. If you can’t decide on a particular kind of photography, you can go for a freestyle wedding photography, which is a mix of everything. 

Figure out the numbers

The expenses include prints, albums, digital images, and photographer’s fee. It’s important to decide beforehand the amount you will fork out for the photography. Hiring a good photographer is worth the splurge, so don’t plan it on a shoestring budget. If a good photographer offers discount like 10 % off on a weekday wedding or free bridal portrait, just go for it without even blinking. But don’t let the price tag be the sole deciding factor. 

Do your homework

Once you know exactly what you want, research on all the good photographers in your town. Consult your friends and family members and ask around as well. You can ask the wedding planner, the management of the wedding venue site, bridal stores, and search on the Internet. Jot down the details of every photographer that fits your budget and style criteria. 

Shortlist the best ones

Run a background search on each of the photographers on your list. Interview them on the phone and inquire about their fee, availability on the chosen date, and experience in wedding photography. Ask for samples of their work on the Internet and take a good look at them plus ask for and call their references. Look for those who have creative instincts, expertise in the area and a lot of experience under their belt. Some photographers only cover the wedding ceremony and reception, so if you need him or her to shoot the engagement ceremony, mehendi, sangeet along with a bridal portrait and the newlyweds snaps, clear that up in the very beginning. 

Final interview

After you have shortlisted the photographers, get an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. When meeting the photographers, note everything you learn about each photographer so that you can go through the important points at the time of making your final decision. Ask each photographer the following questions:

●Do you conform to our preferences of photography style?

●Are you available on the chosen date?

●How many photos do we get?

●Do you have a backup camera and other gear in case of a mishap?

●Are there additional charges for prints to give to family and friends?

●How soon after the wedding can we expect prints or disk?

Choosing a photographer is a huge decision, so don’t rush it. The aforementioned simple steps will help you find a good photographer who not only understands what you need, but also knows his way into cataloging one of your finest memories for posterity!


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