Women are always very particular about the way they look and when it comes to their own wedding day, they become finicky regarding their wedding ensemble. With much attention to detail, they choose their bridal lehenga as well as some dazzling jewellery to go with it. Although gold is still the most sought-after choice of the Indian brides, other metals brushed with different kinds of finishes are also preferred. 

With a stupefying variety of jewellery items and designs available in the market, it becomes an exhausting and puzzling task to find the right wedding jewellery. Hence, you should follow these simple steps to choose your jewellery carefully. 

Get hold of the dress first

Whether you are opting for a zari-embroidered lehenga, kundan work, beadwork or any other kind, make sure that your lehenga is absolutely ready prior to going jewellery shopping. Usually, women have an idea of the kind of dress they will be showing off, but sometimes, the finished dress doesn’t turn out to be what was planned. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get your hands on your dress and then choose jewellery that complements it. 

Strike the right balance

It’s true that the heaviest piece of jewellery is the necklace, and if you want more bling around your neck, you should opt for a deeper and wider neckline so that the necklace is in sync with the neckline. Also take note of the counterbalance - if you have a heavily embroidered dress, wear a necklace with a delicate finish to give prominence to the dress. A heavy necklace paired with a heavily embellished blouse understates the dress. 

Choose the fitting hues

Most traditional look for a bride is red or maroon lehenga with splendid gold jewellery. Nonetheless, most modern brides experiment with their wedding day looks and try everything from orange and butter hued sarees to blue and purple lehengas. Whatever color you wish to flaunt, ensure that you get jewellery that complements your dress. For example, if you are planning on sporting a pink dress, diamond and amethyst jewellery will enhance the overall look. Likewise, blue stones embedded in silver metal look amazing with blue dress, while white pearls bring out the beauty of a purple dress.  

Precious gemstones

Natural gemstones, without a doubt, heighten the charm of any piece of jewellery thereby adding to the elegance of the bride. But they are extravagant. Since it’s imperative to have a distinct and equally classy appearance at each ceremony, most women make the sensible choice of going for imitation gemstones, lab-created stones or treated gemstone. Not only do they come with a reasonable price tag, but also flatter the entire wedding look. 

Perfect setting

Once you are set on the color, style and gemstones for your jewellery, it’s time to give a nod on the suitable setting. Multi-colour stones or crystals with gold setting; diamond with white gold or platinum setting; aqua blue, amethyst, quartz and blue topaz with silver setting. You know the drill - go with your gut feeling, but flip through plenty of jewellery catalogue before that.  

Themed jewellery

If you are planning a destination wedding or a theme wedding, select the jewellery that mixes and matches with your wedding theme in style. Here are some examples:

1.Beach wedding: There’s nothing more beautiful than pearls and you have a variety like coin pearls, freshwater pearls and Keshi pearls. If pearls are too cliched for you, opt for jewellery made of seashells with a frosty White Sea glass or even deep blue sea glass as pendant. 

2.Garden wedding: This theme calls for jewellery with delicacy - somewhat like a fairytale. So go for pearls, crystals, soft white feathers and silk roses - all combined together very creatively. and don’t forget to flaunt a flowery hairpiece. 

3.Vintage wedding: Intricate filigree designs in gold, silver or even bronze are perfect for this theme. 

So take your time, look around, use your imaginations, be creative in order to find the perfect jewellery for your wedding day and be the most beautiful bride ever.  


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