Unlike other wedding jewellery items, a wedding ring doesn’t find its way back into the jewellery box after the big day. You will wear it every day through the many wedding anniversaries that will come. That’s why it has to be purchased with utmost diligence. While budget is an important factor to be considered, you must also keep in mind that the ring must be of optimum quality so that it can stand the test of time. 

Think Your Lifestyle

Wedding rings, like most jewellery items, are available in an abundant variety of designs, styles and settings - the choice is untiring and often, confusing. You should look for a wedding ring that reflects your individual style and matches well with your lifestyle. Remember these points when shopping for a wedding ring:

●Don’t buy a huge ring just because it looks pretty because if it’s uncomfortable, you will have to take it off on more than one occasion. 

●It must not be too flashy, so that it attracts less attention, consequently decreasing the chances of getting stolen. 

●Choose a ring that becomes a part of your life without much fuss

●Go for something with a timeless appeal - if it’s too trendy, it may not be in vogue several years from now

●Don’t rush into a decision and take your own time to find a suitable ring

Know Your Metal

Choosing the metal of your ring is crucial as the style, cost, and look of the ring largely depend on it. While appearance and price are major factors, you should also take note of metal’s wear and tear. Some widely used metals are:

1.Platinum - More expensive than gold, platinum has an excellent intrinsic value and precious-metal purity, and it has a longer lifespan than other metals. The earth's rarest elements, platinum has a naturally white color, which does not decay over time.

2.White gold - If you are smitten by the charm of platinum but can't afford it, white gold is the next best thing in terms of beauty. It has a good intrinsic value and precious-metal purity but when it comes to a long lifespan, it’s just average. 

3.Yellow gold - The traditional metal that never loses its charm, yellow gold is the most sought-after metal in India. Both yellow and white gold have same properties and the only thing that distinguishes them is their color.

4.Palladium - A less known metal in India, palladium is a widely used precious metal in wedding rings. Compared to other metals, it’s only second to platinum in terms of lifespan, purity and intrinsic value. It comes in a silvery white color that lasts a long time. 

5.Titanium - Another precious metal used in wedding rings is titanium, which comes with good surface strength. In other words, it doesn’t get scratched as easily as other metals and requires less polishing. 


The shape of your wedding ring should simply depend on the cut of the stone used - the gemstones can be embossed or embedded within the setting. The ring must fit snugly and you should be able to wear it comfortably. 

Sparkling Rock

What’s a wedding ring without the usual glitz and glow? Whether you are eyeing for a diamond ring or a colored gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphire, you should do your homework prior to sealing the deal. Other than these, the preferred gemstones for wedding rings are blue, green, or red tourmaline, green garnet, and red or blue spinel. Some women also choose their birthstones. 

When it comes to wedding rings, there are options galore. Keep your budget and style in check and go hunt for that alluring, rare, and precious wedding ring that you will feel proud of wearing every day of your life!


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