When it comes to a Bollywood wedding we understand you want to make it grand.  If that’s what you have always dreamt of just remember your wedding should be a bash of colour and style. Make it as flamboyant as ever; don’t miss to add style in something as small as the mandap décor. So why not create an aura of a Karan Johar’s hit.   So let’s have a look to what needs to be done to create that wedding that is a glamorous bash as a Bollywood wedding.


Isn’t music the essence of a Bollywood romantic. Ever wondered what makes your heart ache for the actors, maybe it’s just the background music. So make sure your wedding celebrations are filled with the right kind of music at the right time. It should not be just limited to the ladies sangeet but you should have perfect songs that are consciously selected for each event. Keep the sentimental stuff like the evergreen tare and baarati for the wedding and bidai. And yes for the rest of the occasions care in for some lungi dance and the fun of yo yo honey singh. There’s nothing as beautiful as a well-choreographed song performed by the bride and the groom or people close to them. And if budget  not the criterion just hire a dancing troops to dance at your engagement or reception. 

Costumes and Grooming

Yes to be a stylish bride who wants to looks as enchanting as sonam kapoor from Doly ki Doli, costume is what can help you reach your goal. All you need is to invest in a good designer who can design the best outfit for you. Go for an established designer like Sabhyasachi Mukherjee or Manish Malhotra or may be settle for a budding designer who can take care of your sartorial statement with his/ her observation skills. A touch of bling with all that class is what that will make you a true style diva. And you can colour coordinate your bridesmaids attires in sync with the latest trend. Something that will help create a Bollywood aura will be to coordinate the ensembles of both bride and the groom. So what’s next, yes the makeup artist who helps you look like a Bollywood diva. Invest in some airbrush makeup and don’t forget to sign a makeup artist whom you feel comfortable with.

And when it comes to jewellery what is required is to add a little bit of definition to the attires of everyone around the bride including her sisters, mother and friends. Along with the clothes you can opt for designer jewellery. Most prefer artificial so invest in a good branded one which gives you a superior look and also help in keeping any skin rashes at bay.


And yes there are many big and small decorators who promise sophistication in your wedding set ups. If you are someone who loves perfection; why not just hire a wedding planner and give this responsibility to the one who has the right experience. So what kind of décor will give itself a Bollywood edge. It can be anything from as serene as some kaleerey hanging on all sides to something as grand as a combination of latest props.. A right combination of flowers and fabrics, depending upon the season is something that helps create a true Bollywood image. From a sassy summer décor which includes a lot of sun kissed colours to a winter bash that is given life with dark colours around.  And yes a perfect décor will be something you would love to click your picture with, so as to freeze your Bollywood memories in just one shot.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

So what more, it’s the small packages that need to be enjoyed at the wedding functions. If you really want to steal the fun of Bollywood at your wedding you need nothing else but to find joy in everything big and small. So the first thing will be to decide to enjoy even the smallest rasam of and Indian wedding. Let your friends have fun when they apply haldi on your face, also let your sisters have a bash with the joota chipai at the mandap. As small as it seems these are things which will make you realize how beautiful your wedding celebrations were, even after years. Make these small things grand. Why not order a romantic cake for the reception and let your partner know how much they had been waiting for this moment.

A Photo and Videographer

And yes after everything is set right what’s the most important thing of a wedding. Off course a photographer and videographer who can make all your wedding madness come to life. Indulge in an intensive photo shoot not only on the events but even for pre and post wedding shoots. Don’t forget to tell your photographer to capture that glitter in the bride’s eye or that love in the groom’s eye when he looks at the bride on the wedding venue for the first time. Don’t hesitate to invest in a good photographer as they are one who will make you look good after your makeup


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