So you are all set to tie the knot.  And with a promise to be together for everything in life you are going to be true soul mates now.  We suggest why not flaunt your togetherness in your sartorial statement as well. Make your wedding a picture perfect event with your attires blending as perfectly as your personalities. World of wedding tells you how to blend your sartorial quotient.

Break the Stereotypes

When it comes to matching the dresses of the bride and the groom one should not just stick on to matching the colours. In the modern times it’s more about contrasting rather than matching.  When contrasting you can choose from colours of the same family to the colours of opposite families.  Neat cuts of your ensembles matched with classy embellishments can do the trick just right. Mix and match the groom’s accessories with the bride’s lehenga or jewellery. Some examples can be to match the colours of tie and cufflinks to the bride’s sari. This can be done by using the colours of the same family in an innovative way. E.g. a navy blue tie and cufflink can be matched with sky blue sari of the bride. Along with this other embellishments of the groom like kalgi, sehra and mojri can be matched with the bride’s accessories.

If you want to keep it neat, a patchwork on the groom’s jacket can be matched with the embroidery of the bride’s sari. In this way the look can be balanced by just highlighting the patchwork and keeping other things to the minimal.  Matching a Nehru jacket or a bandhgala with the bride’s attire can give you the perfect effect if you are one of those who doesn’t want to overdo it.  It will also be a good option for both of you to adorn a dress of the same origin; a jodhpuri will be a good option if the bride is adorning a Rajasthani attire. And if you want to look all classy without being that traditional a fish cut lehenga or a flamboyant sari for the bride with a tuxedo for the groom will be a good option.


Work as a team

Another thing to be noted is not to follow the trends blindly. You should always try the clothes you like before the final selection. And don’t choose a colour if it doesn’t suit your skin tone just for matching your partner’s dress.  In such a case similar or contrasting colours can be used.  Apart from matching the attire, what’s important is the individual’s likings. After all it’s your best day and you won’t like to wear anything you don’t like. You can start with letting each other know your personal preferences and then going ahead to explore designs, colours and cuts matching your choices.  Be open to experiment but don’t overdo it.  It’s good to have a neon shade in your attire but not if it looks tacky. Also choose the right fabric. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your skin. Pick up fabrics you feel comfortable in. If you are allergic to a particular fabric do let your designer know. It’s good to have similar fabrics but having the same fabric may not always be possible. May be the bride prefers a net sari and the groom in this case can match the dress with a colour or the embellishment on the sari.  Make sure while making the final selection you both have expressed your individual likings clearly. The best ensemble for both of you will be that fits right. Nothing looks as flaunting as the garment that fits to the individual’s body type.

Hire a Professional

Your wedding will be a combination of many dresses from engagement to reception, make sure you don’t repeat your styles. The best option will be to hire an expert. This can be done by hiring a professional designer who can work closely with you two. If you are on a short budget another option will be to hire a personalized shopper. A personal shopper who has experience of working with couples will take note of your requirements with your individual body types and will do the shopping for you. This is a best option if you have a time constrain. Remember at the end of the day it’s your wedding and don’t agree to other’s choices if you are not comfortable with it.


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