After enough had been said and done about getting that perfect lehenga to that perfect makeup; it's time to talk about the most important element of your wedding. What is it that will get you going in the middle of all that commotion? Yes, we are talking about feeling comfortable on your big day.  Indian weddings are a plethora of events and celebrations and it’s often strenuous for the bride to look flawless round the clock. Being a bride you have to wear that charming smile always. So let's talk about a few things that can help you smile with ease in all that hustle and bustle.

Talk to your fiancée

Your wedding day will be filled with lot of anxieties.  You may be feeling nervous and might be getting ideas of running away to a safer place.  Don’t panic, we suggest share your feelings with your fiancée. He is the only person who can understand your feelings perfectly. And that’s because you two will be going through the same phase of anxiety at that time. This sharing will also help in strengthening your bond as this may be the first strong emotion you two are exploring together.

Eat something 

Right before you settle for your makeup to be done, eat something. We know you won’t feel like stuffing down anything in the middle of so much to be done; yet having a light snaker is recommended. Remember your wedding is a long ceremony and you require some energy to go through those long hours. And if you are going to the venue directly from your make up session just think about what you will be able to eat once you start posing for those photographs.

A pair of flats 

We suggest wear flats on your wedding as standing and getting clicked for long hours can be quite taxing. But if you are someone who believes that heels complete your style quotient do tell your bridesmaid to carry flats. Slip into them when you feel uncomfortable or after all the photographs have been clicked.

Wear something comfortable underneath

Your wedding lehenga might be all from a high end designer, but do remember the most important aspect of looking good is feeling good. We recommend wear comfortable cotton leggings right under that heavy lehenga, just to rule out any possibilities of getting pricked from the heavy embroidery and stone works. If it’s a winter wedding you won’t want to spoil your look with woolens on; wear something warm underneath your dress. A warm legging and a short warmer which won’t peep out from under your blouse will help you keep warm.  

Comfortable mandap seating

You never know how much time the final phase of getting married will take.  And off Couse by the time you will be seated at the mandap you will be tired like hell. A comfortable stool will help you sit for a long puja session which will take place right before the pheras. Choose a stool that has a bit of height as something too close to the floor will be uncomfortable.

Some knick knacks 

Be prepared for any last minute bloopers. Keep some essential things like safety pins, bobby pins, tissue papers etc. You may require a bunch of tissues here and there to keep your makeup intact or a bobby pin to hide that unwanted strand of hair.

Always be accompanied 

Last but not the least always be accompanied with friends. You will need someone for setting your lehenga or to talk about your thumping heart. Trust us once you are in that heavy ensemble a little help will be heartily welcomed.

So just follow these simple steps and make your wedding a dream come true. And off course after you are married you can have a hearty laugh about your schemes of running away from the best thing of your life.



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